* jamie * (jamie2980) wrote in oct2004,
* jamie *

Alright, have a question, those of you who have toddlers, almost 2 or already 2, if they are in the toddler bed, or big bed, how do you get them to nap? Do you lay down with them everyday to get them to nap, or how do you do it. Or even at night really? Since i've been working, I just really did whatever it took to get Brody to bed, and at naps, my mom usually just put him in his crib. Well in 3 weeks, that won't be an option, and I really want him to just be able to go in there and go "say night night" and like sleep ya know? Fall asleep on his own. I know there's a lot of stuff going on in his little life right now, and even more in the coming weeks when Chris gets home from deployment, but hopefully soon things will be easier for us. Just wanted some opinions!

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