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Toddler Curiousities.

I often wonder what Bronwynne understands. I know she understands tone. She'll react accordingly. I just don't know what words she actually understands. I think she understands and knows how to use the word, 'yes,' about 80% of the time. But there are many times that if I just ask her a question, whether it be a yes or no question, she'll answer yes. She still doesn't use 'no,' often and has only used it correctly once or twice. If she disagrees with something she'll shake her head and fuss. She loves to babble, loves to mimik. Lately, she loves the sound of number words, especially 6-10. Sometimes she'll say them in order, other times she won't. As I've mentioned in another post, she'll call out letters during Wheel of Fortune, mainly vowels. She also loves the word, 'Charlie.' I'm actually not worried about her vocabulary. She can say most anything, and things she can't, I'm pretty sure are normal for her development. I know she has good comprehension of basic needs, when given directions and such, but I wonder why she doesn't seem to want to communicate vocally. What two year old doesn't use, 'No,' correctly? lol. She'll answer yes or fuss for meal choices. She knows what nap and bed time are and if she's ready for them she'll start saying, 'Night, Night, Bye, Bye'. She's starting to lie on the floor by her wipes box when you tell her it's time to change her diaper. I guess I just wish she would communicate a little better with me. Like just now, she started playing with Smurrf's headset jacks, I said, 'Don't even, not a toy,' and she then burst into tears and screams. This is not a usual reaction to me telling her, not a toy and taking away said object. I'm not sure if I frightened her and she then scratched herself or if she's just throwing a fit. If she could say, ow or hurt or even comprehend me asking whether she is hurt, it would help... lol.

So where are/were your children at 21 months old, vocally and comprehension wise?

I don't think she's delayed or whatever, I know it's just how she is. I'm just curious where other children her age are. :)

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