Holy wow

In 12 hours, Adden will be three.

I feel weird. Not old, just... weird.

Three years ago, I went into the hospital at 8:30 in the morning, and at 10:44 AM my little boy was making himself heard. It's a weird feeling to know he is now three. And especially to see him. He is 40 inches tall, has a head full of shiny blonde hair in a buzz cut, huge blue eyes, weighs 39.5 pounds, has an extensive vocabulary, has amazing observation skills, and is curious and inquisitive. He is turning into an amazing little boy. I am so proud of who he is and how smart he is. I cant wait to see where he'll be next year.

Adden at five months.

Adden 30 days before his third birthday. (2 years, 11 months)

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okay, so i've been busy and that's not cool. i had my son tattooed onto my body when he was about a month old. i was so determined to do it "right away" but when i had my daughter, i had to have some pretty major surgery when she was a month, then recover from that only to be on and off unwell for a while. now she's over 2yo. i am finally getting her added to my son. please keep in mind that this is a craptastic drawing (since i am by no means an artist) and that i gave it to my artist to touch up and fix and what not so i can get it done on Saturday morning :)


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keep in mind i already have my son done. he's getting touched up while i am there. my son was done by Jeff "Freebird" Stroud in Hancock, MI and I am getting my Daughter done by Jen at Body Graphics in South Windsor, CT.

wish me luck. :)


Cabinet Locks


I thank to my husband's friend who do the cabinet locks. They are real. They are awesome. They are lifesaver. They are BEST in the world more than any cabinet locks at store you ever seen.

I suggest you to get them. They are very pricey beacuse it is success to protect away from kids even babies.

I love those so much. They are in my house installed already.

No more worries about those. You will have remote to control to turn it on when you are not use in kitchen. You will have remote to control to turn it off when you are in kitchen and need to cook or whatever.

Believe me.
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Two Years, Gone By Too Fast

Wow, it's been almost two years since Bronwynne was born. I can't believe she's grown up so fast. Bronwynne can now dance, count to 12, and try to mimic other words she hears. She only has four teeth, and her vocabulary isn't very defined. Her favorite foods are multi-grain cheerios, goldfish, pasta and m&ms. It's hard to feed her vegtables, though if we mix them in her tomato sauce she'll eat a few of them. Her manners are good, she will say please and thank you. She fusses instead of saying no. She's inquisitive and playful. Watching her play gives us so much amusement.

In eight days (Oct 20th) my only baby will be two! We don't have huge plans. My parents are coming down for the weekend. I still need to buy most of Bronwynne's presents. We have a small list, but really are clueless on what to get her. We'll be getting her the new Mickey Mouse Club House sing-a-long, and perhaps another DvD or two. I also want to get her a doll and a weeble set. Other than that, I'm not sure what to get her that she'd actually play with.

Under the cut is a pic of her shortly after she was born, one when she turned one and one that was taken last week.
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Alright, have a question, those of you who have toddlers, almost 2 or already 2, if they are in the toddler bed, or big bed, how do you get them to nap? Do you lay down with them everyday to get them to nap, or how do you do it. Or even at night really? Since i've been working, I just really did whatever it took to get Brody to bed, and at naps, my mom usually just put him in his crib. Well in 3 weeks, that won't be an option, and I really want him to just be able to go in there and go "say night night" and like sleep ya know? Fall asleep on his own. I know there's a lot of stuff going on in his little life right now, and even more in the coming weeks when Chris gets home from deployment, but hopefully soon things will be easier for us. Just wanted some opinions!

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Toddler Curiousities.

I often wonder what Bronwynne understands. I know she understands tone. She'll react accordingly. I just don't know what words she actually understands. I think she understands and knows how to use the word, 'yes,' about 80% of the time. But there are many times that if I just ask her a question, whether it be a yes or no question, she'll answer yes. She still doesn't use 'no,' often and has only used it correctly once or twice. If she disagrees with something she'll shake her head and fuss. She loves to babble, loves to mimik. Lately, she loves the sound of number words, especially 6-10. Sometimes she'll say them in order, other times she won't. As I've mentioned in another post, she'll call out letters during Wheel of Fortune, mainly vowels. She also loves the word, 'Charlie.' I'm actually not worried about her vocabulary. She can say most anything, and things she can't, I'm pretty sure are normal for her development. I know she has good comprehension of basic needs, when given directions and such, but I wonder why she doesn't seem to want to communicate vocally. What two year old doesn't use, 'No,' correctly? lol. She'll answer yes or fuss for meal choices. She knows what nap and bed time are and if she's ready for them she'll start saying, 'Night, Night, Bye, Bye'. She's starting to lie on the floor by her wipes box when you tell her it's time to change her diaper. I guess I just wish she would communicate a little better with me. Like just now, she started playing with Smurrf's headset jacks, I said, 'Don't even, not a toy,' and she then burst into tears and screams. This is not a usual reaction to me telling her, not a toy and taking away said object. I'm not sure if I frightened her and she then scratched herself or if she's just throwing a fit. If she could say, ow or hurt or even comprehend me asking whether she is hurt, it would help... lol.

So where are/were your children at 21 months old, vocally and comprehension wise?

I don't think she's delayed or whatever, I know it's just how she is. I'm just curious where other children her age are. :)

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Its been a while

I havent posted much in the mommy communities I am in, classes started back up Jan 20 so I barely post in my own journal as it is. Just wanted to update on Adden.

He is now 17 months old, 18 months on March 28. He has a very good vcabulary, and is the most talkative of his age group at daycare. He is eating table food, sitting in a booster seat, and drinking from a sippy cup. We bought him a potty chair that he is currently afraid of (he cries when you set him on it). He is doing very well, growing fast, and still in the 97th percentile, at 32.6 lbs and 34.5 in. He is in 2T clothing already, and wears a size 7 shoe.

His father is now in the Army, and during his Exodus, we met up so he could meet Adden. It went better than expected, as Adden is finally wary of strangers, and I thought he might cry or scream, but he didnt. He even asked Eddie to pick him up, kept climbing in his lap, and took food from him. Eddie was glad to see him, and his wife and I managed to get along. Eddie is now in Korea for at least another five months before he gets a break, but it may be next year before he comes home and has time when he can get together with me to see Adden again. We want to try an take him to a zoo that is halfway the next time we get together. He is genuinely interested in being as much a part of Adden's life as possible now, and Im glad. Adden deserves to have his father be part of his life, even if it is a small part for a while.

Other than that, we are getting by, taking life as it comes. He is a wonderful baby. The icon is our first family portrait.

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