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October 2004 Babies

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(no subject) [Feb. 28th, 2006|11:10 am]
October 2004 Babies

So I was wondering what you other mommies do to try to teach your honeys words. I really want to help Gabriel learn to talk but I don't know how to go about it. So if you gals would help me out with ideas to use I would really appriciate it.
I have just recently got Gabriel to show people where his eyes,nose,hair and cheeks are. But I want to teach him to say nose and such. It seems like other kids around his age or younger are saying more.

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finally..an update! [Feb. 5th, 2006|09:05 am]
October 2004 Babies

[mood |happyhappy]

Hey guys, Thought I would do an update too, since again..it's been SO long! Lily is 15 months, running around getting into everything. She talks heaps, has about 20 words I think (i'd put them here, but that might annoy peoples friends pages!) , and she knows a bit too much for her age ;) She only has 8 teeth! and she's 83cms tall, and weighs 13kg. I really really want another one, I'm all clucky at the moment! I am the proudest mother :D Anyway, heres a couple of pics.. LilyCollapse )

Update and let us know how your ratbags are going!
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(no subject) [Feb. 4th, 2006|12:51 am]
October 2004 Babies

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wow i havent updated in a longgggg time lol,things have been crazy for me,
jayden is now 15months old! he has 11 teeth,still isnt walking on his own,he must hold me/something while he walks . anyways noone really updates anymore i know now we are all busy with our babies .
so have any of u had another baby,ttc,pregnant???
do u plan on having another?
anyone gettin married?
lol idk i wanna get this group goin again ...
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if any of you are expecting again and it's a boy [Dec. 11th, 2005|05:05 pm]
October 2004 Babies

Hey guys, I just wanted to let the mommy-to-bes of little boys know that i have a 34 piece baby boy clothing lot up on ebay. All of the clothes are in great condition and have barely been worn because jeremy grew so fast. So if you need to get little boy things cheap check it out:


thanks girls!!

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(no subject) [Nov. 29th, 2005|06:51 pm]
October 2004 Babies


letitsnow:Collapse )
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delete if not allowed! [Oct. 10th, 2005|07:33 pm]
October 2004 Babies

new and gently used unisex & boys clothingCollapse )
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baby boy clothes/gift [Oct. 10th, 2005|09:49 pm]
October 2004 Babies

if this isn't allowed, please let me know and i'll delete it. i have a baby boy clothes gift set up on ebay, size 3-6 months if anyone is interested. i know a few of you are expecting again, or if you know anyone who is please let them know. i got it at my baby shower and just found it in the closet, and my son is too big for the clothes now. it's brand new and at a great price. so if you're interested check it out:

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Woo Hoo Par-tay! [Oct. 9th, 2005|11:02 am]
October 2004 Babies

[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |The Other Sister]

River is a year old today. Brian and I brought out the baby book last night and I teared up. I miss my little infant but I have enjoyed this year seeing him grow and do new things so much. We are having a big party at the great grandparent's house complete with cake and all the wrapping paper he can shred!
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(no subject) [Oct. 6th, 2005|06:53 pm]
October 2004 Babies
Mommy & Daddys little girl turns one on Monday October tenth. I honestly can not believe its been a year. She's still breastfed and still nurses often throughout the day. I have a feeling she wont be self-weaned for awhile. Were also still cosleeping. She has eight teeth and is now getting two molars! Still no walking, but she can take four steps on her own. The other day she had her first fall and banged her lip :(

she now says:
mama, mommy
dada, daddy
pop pop
thank you
and cock (haha)

This Sunday were taking her to the aquarium after church and on her actual birthday I am cooking her favorite (lasagna) and we our having cake with nana and pop-pop. The following Sunday is her birthday party with her friends (I have four friends who had babies two months after me) and all my family.

this is her sweet birthday party dress. I also bought a beautiful sweater to go with it.
&hearts baby gap

her face in this picture cracks me up

me and my boyfriend would love to have another baby, but we plan on waiting to try and conceive until after were married.. we plan on getting married next summer.

hope everyone is doing well. HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY OCTOBER 2004 BABIES!!!
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An update finally. [Oct. 4th, 2005|04:13 am]
October 2004 Babies

Freyja will be a year old on the 14th! She's just now gotten her first tooth and she's sooo close to walking!

A couple of picturesCollapse )
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