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[Oct. 28th, 2006|08:31 am]
October 2004 Babies


Has anyone started training their 2 year old to go on the potty, and if so, is it working for you? What styles do you use for boys, how do you get them to go!

[User Picture]From: briefcandlelife
2006-10-30 10:25 pm (UTC)

we use the potty

We have a potty that she's been sitting on for a long time just for fun. Often I'm able to catch the poops in there if we rush over to it when she starts straining. Pee is harder to catch since I can't figure out if she does anything special when she pees. She often goes willingly to the potty for the pooping, but if she's constipated she shouts NO potty! It's going to be a big developmental leap for her to do this of her own initiative. But we work on it a little every day, so hopefully it'll all just click for her some time. We also have one of those soft seats that fits onto the regular toilet, just to give her the experience of sitting on the big toilet & flushing too. So far it just seems like something we do almost for entertainment? But also for normalizing the process, making it familiar. Good luck with your little one!
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