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Its been a while [Mar. 8th, 2006|04:13 pm]
October 2004 Babies


I havent posted much in the mommy communities I am in, classes started back up Jan 20 so I barely post in my own journal as it is. Just wanted to update on Adden.

He is now 17 months old, 18 months on March 28. He has a very good vcabulary, and is the most talkative of his age group at daycare. He is eating table food, sitting in a booster seat, and drinking from a sippy cup. We bought him a potty chair that he is currently afraid of (he cries when you set him on it). He is doing very well, growing fast, and still in the 97th percentile, at 32.6 lbs and 34.5 in. He is in 2T clothing already, and wears a size 7 shoe.

His father is now in the Army, and during his Exodus, we met up so he could meet Adden. It went better than expected, as Adden is finally wary of strangers, and I thought he might cry or scream, but he didnt. He even asked Eddie to pick him up, kept climbing in his lap, and took food from him. Eddie was glad to see him, and his wife and I managed to get along. Eddie is now in Korea for at least another five months before he gets a break, but it may be next year before he comes home and has time when he can get together with me to see Adden again. We want to try an take him to a zoo that is halfway the next time we get together. He is genuinely interested in being as much a part of Adden's life as possible now, and Im glad. Adden deserves to have his father be part of his life, even if it is a small part for a while.

Other than that, we are getting by, taking life as it comes. He is a wonderful baby. The icon is our first family portrait.

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